Our Nube Dinámica CRM App allows companies to manage and analize costumer interactions and data with the goal of improving business realtionsships with costumers. Basicly you can handle costumers, targets, Quotes, schedule task and meetings.

It can be accessed with any mobile device with internet connection, because it is built in Zoho Creator platform, a multinational company that offers a dynamic and scalable App for business proccess.

We offer two different alternatives to use Nube Dinámica CRM App

Since 485 USD, payment in 2 - 6 dues

A record is any line in your database, click here for details Record explanation. 

Monthly fee for using CRM App:
A record is any line in your database, click here for details Record explanation. 

Log in data to access our CRM DEMO App:

-Access our DEMO in the following link CRM App DEMO
-User: usuariond
-Password: nubedinamica3

App Overview

This app is carefully developed to suit your exact needs, adaptable and scalable to the dynamic proccess of business. See here some of our costumers Success cases.


    • Clients and Contacts
    • Interactions (Tasks, Calls, Meetings, Support, Quotes, Sales, Pending payments)
    • Employees
    • Product and service categories
    • Technical service


  • email/sms notifications of pending activities
  • email/sms notification of activity assigned
  • email/sms notification of activity update
  • email/sms notification of new support task 
  • email/sms notification of status update


  • Targets
  • effective targets and no effective targets
  • Pending activities
  • Added activities
  • effective activities
  • no effective activities
  • Close quotes and discard quotes
  • Activities calendar
  • Sales by Year / Month / Week
  • Sales by employees
  • New costumers
  • Costumer sales
  • Sales by category
  • Trend graphics